NMSI Videos

Here you will find all the NMSI videos and the corresponding handouts. Thanks to Rene McCormick and the National Math & Science Initiative who are way ahead of the curve.

The password for the videos is: linuspauling

All Things Stoichiometry

01 Chemical Foundations.pdf

Chemical Foundations

02 Atoms Molecules Ions.pdf

Atoms, Molecules and Ions

03 Stoichiometry with answers.pdf

Part I Part II


Part I ,  Part II


Chemical Reactions & Electrochemistry

04-1 Types of Chemical Reactions & Solution Stoich with answers.pdf

Part I ,  Part 2 , Part 3 , Solution Stoichiometry,  Types of Chemical Reactions

  •  Net Ionic Equations–This section applies to the OLD AP Chem exam (prior to the 2014 Exam) Still good stuff, but you don’t need to know nearly as much “stuff”. If you simply listen to Part I of each category, you should be golden for any net ionic equations scattered about within the “new” exam.

04-2 Net Ionic Equation with solubility rules.pdf

04-3 Very Last Minute net ionic attack strategies new format.pdf

Double Displacement ReactionDouble Displacement IIDouble Displacement III, Single Replacement, Anhydrides, CombustionComplex Ions and CompoundsCompositionDecompositionAcid-Base NeutralizationRedox Part I, Redox Part II, Redox Part III

17 Electrochemistry with answers.pdf

Galvanic Part IGalvanic Part II, Electrolysis

Electrochemistry FR worksheet.pdf

AP Problems GalvanicAP Problems Electrolytic



Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics

06 Thermochemistry with answers (students).pdf

Thermochemistry Part 1Thermochemistry Part II

16 Thermodynamics redesign.pdf

Thermodynamics Lecture Notes

Thermo FR worksheet (students).pdf

AP Essays Part IPart II, Part IIIAP Problems Part IPart II




12-1 Kinetics.pdf

Kinetics FR worksheet.pdf

12-2 Arrhenius_Made_Easy.pdf

Instantaneous Rates & Relative Rates along with Differential Rate Law Part IDifferential Rate Part IIIntegrated Rate Law Part I, Part IIMechanismsDifferential Rate Laws Problems Part IDifferential Rate Law Problems Part II, Integrated Rate LawArrhenius Equation with Activation Energy

12 Arrehenius Made Easy soltuions.pdf



General and Solubility Equilibrium

13 General Equilibrium.pdf

AP General Equilibrium FR WorksheetProblems Part 1Problems Part 2

13 Solubility equilibria.pdf

Solubility Equilibrium Lecture Notes Ksp problems Part IKsp problems Part 2


Acid and Base Equilibria

15-1 AcidsBases Lecture Notes.pdf

Acid-Base Equilibrium FR worksheet.pdf


Buffer Equilibrium FR worksheet.pdf

15-3 Demystifying Titration Curves.pdf

Acid Base Chemistry Part IAcid Base Chemistry Part 2Acid Base Chemistry Part 3Buffers Made EasyInterpreting Titration CurvesGeneral Acid Base AP Essays General Acid Base AP Problems Buffer AP EssaysBuffer AP Problems Part IBuffer AP Problems Part 2Buffer AP Problems part 3


Atomic Structure & Periodicity

07-1 Atomic Structure and Periodicity.pdf

07-2 Periodicity Do and Dont.pdf

Atomic TheoryAtomic StructurePeriodicityAtomic Theory Essays and ProblemsAtomic Structure EssaysPeriodicity Essays



08 Bonding General Concepts.pdf

09 Covalent Bonding Orbitals.pdf

Bonding Concepts and Lewis StructuresResonance and Formal Charge Molecular Geometry and Polar MoleculesValence Bond Theory and HybridizationAnswering Past Bonding AP Essay QuestionsPractice Multiple Choice


Gas Laws

05 Gases without answers.pdf

GASES Free Response worksheet (students).pdf

Lecture Notes Part IPart 2Part 3AP Gas Law EssaysAP Gas Law Problems Part I, Part 2


States of Matter & IMFs

10 IMFs,Solids & Liquids.pdf

IMFs FR worksheet.pdf

Lecture Notes Part IPart 2Part 3Answering AP States of Matter and IMF Essays Part IPart 2


Solution Chemistry

11 Solutions.pdf

Solution Chemistry AP Question Worksheet (students).pdf

Solution Chemistry Lecture Notes Part IPart 2Answering AP Solution Chemistry Essays Part IPart 2 Part III including AP Solution Chemistry Problems