The Results

Thank you all for participating in the technology survey. I thought you may want to know the results (out of 49 participants).
Do you prefer an ebook or a textbook? 59% said they prefer an ebook
Do you prefer to submit homework electronically or hand it to the teacher? 67% said they preferred to hand in the homework
Do you prefer to take notes electronically or in a notebook? 59% said they prefer notebooks
Which form of reading do you retain the most- an article on a website or in a magazine? 71% said website
In taking quizzes- is memory recall better when you review a video or your notes? 73% said reviewing notes
Do you think your thinking is deeper, more meditative with the influx of technology? 51% said more meditative
Do you know how to write cursive? 88% still know howw to write cursive
Thanks again!
Mr. Borlik